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Rose City Confections, based in Portland, Oregon, is an OLCC licensed Processor with endorsements to make and package infused Edibles, Topicals and Concentrates. Our licensed cannabis kitchen has developed into a powerhouse in manufacturing infused edibles of all sorts. 

We specialize in making gummies, hard candies, tinctures and syrups in all shapes, flavors, and dosages you can think of. We have extensive experience infusing a wide variety of products with precisely dosed THC, Hemp-derived CBD, and any Cannabinoid ratio you can come up with. We infuse. You enjoy!

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2020 will see us return to our roots. Rose City is launching a new product line modeled on the Tootsie Roll. With unique flavors like Thai Iced Tea, Strawberry Cream and our original Dark Chocolate, these amazing chews come in pairs, so each box contains two delicious 25mg pieces that will make both your brain and your body smile! 

And don’t worry, we’ll still be making your favorite brands’ infused edibles and syrups. 

Rose City Confections is the go-to manufacturer for edible cannabis products in Oregon, and that’s that.


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Do you have a brand, a vision or a desire to put your brand on cannabis products for the Oregon dispensary market? Rose City Confections makes your ideas come to life. With years of experience in the regulated cannabis space, Rose City Confections makes gummies, hard candies, chocolates, tinctures, syrups, infused pre-rolls, mints, pressed pills and pretty much anything you can dream up.

We are your guides through the proverbial weeds. Let us make your cannabis edibles and tinctures, and you can focus your energy on making the world aware of your creations.

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