If you’re like us, your Granny was always good at sneaking you a candy or two whenever you’d visit. Those little candies were great and all but we have a feeling you might find yourself enjoying our candy just a wee bit more. Our candy is Not Your Granny’s Hard Candy. We think you’re going to bug out on this small batch, artisanal hard candy that we make from high quality, locally sourced natural ingredients. Not Your Granny’s are available in packs of ten and come in seven different flavors: Watermelon, Mango, Pineapple. Marionberry, Raspberry, Mango-Chile and Watermelon Chile. Not Your Granny’s is simply delicious! Each candy contains 10 mg of premium activated THC and tastes as good as anything that your granny used to keep in a candy jar just out of reach. (Honestly, we think ours is better but Granny doesn’t have to know.)


Opus Nutraceuticals are Rose City’s line of CBD and THC rich medicinal capsules. There are three options in the Opus line, each of them formulated to target specific patient needs. Every capsule of Opus Mind contains 10 mg of premium activated THC while each capsule of Opus Body contains 10 mg of premium CBD’s. For those in need of a hybrid, Opus Spirit contains a 10 mg blend of THC and CBD in each capsule. Opus Nutraceuticals are sold in bottles of ten and contain the same safe, all natural ingredients found in all Rose City Confections products.