CBD Delta Concentrate

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CBD Concentrate Cartridge

1ml | .0333 fl. oz



CBD Delta Concentrate Cartridge

1 review for CBD Delta Concentrate

  1. Kay

    I’m in love!! Finally a product with a fuller cannabinoid profile for those seeking specific medicinal benefits beyond “just a head change”. I was blown away to find a product that had such a high CBG content, most places think I’m the confused one and am actually asking about CBD but no CBG is my godsend as is CBC,CBN, THCV and so many others. I have several severe medical problems many stemming from neurological problems and this cartridge is wonderful and doesn’t cause the anxiety (high thc) or the headache I often experience with straight cbd products. The blend is wonderful!! Thank you it helps my anxiety, eases my pain and leaves me clear headed. My only tweak would be to add a very minuscule amount of terpenes to make the flavor a little more palatable but other than that I love it and will recommend. The shop I found it at only had 1, so please get this out to more shops and educate the owners and budtenders that it is more than just CBD!!

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