Opus Blue Raspberry THC Fizz Pills


Add one pill (5 mg CBD) into an 8 oz glass of water to make a delicious, sugar-free, effervescnt, electrolyte drink!

Fizz Pills: Made from cannabis
Flavor: Blue Raspberry
Activation Time: 45 min
CBD per package 0 mg | THC per package 48.5 mg
CBD per serving 0 mg | THC per serving 4.85 mg

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Opus Nutraceuticals are Rose City’s line of CBD and THC rich medicinal capsules. There are three options in the Opus line, each of them formulated to target specific patient needs. Every capsule of Opus Mind contains 10 mg of premium activated THC while each capsule of Opus Body contains 10 mg of premium CBD’s. For those in need of a hybrid, Opus Spirit contains a 10 mg blend of THC and CBD in each capsule. Opus Nutraceuticals are sold in bottles of ten and contain the same safe, all-natural ingredients found in all Rose City Confections products.

THC Fizz Pills
Size: 50 mg
10 pills x 5 mg
Net Wt. 7g (0.25 oz)


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